About us

About us



Timely delivery

Cost optimization

Customer satisfaction Strengthen our customers’ market position

UNITEC-CNC is a company specialized in machining and production of metal parts. In today's business environment the cost optimization has become an imperative, especially for purchasing departments.

UNITEC-CNC offers significant competitive advantages to its customers in the area of metal processing:

  • Cost advantage due to our production location in a best-cost country
  • Prompt delivery
  • Complex components production
  • Assembly sets montage
  • Air conditioned production
  • Various heat and galvanic metal treatments
  • Communication in German with our parent company in Germany
  • You are making your order in Germany in accordance with German law
  • Technical support.

Our company always strives to develop an individual solution for the respective task. In doing so, we respect and consider the specificity of each product and every problem.

We put our innovation, experience and competence in the service of the customer.

We kindly invite you to inform yourself in detail about our services and our profile on the following pages. Feel free to contact us should you have any questions and suggestions!